By the 2028 Olympics we want to have…

Increased the talent pool in English/GB Hockey

  • Reduced Barriers To Success- helping more junior performance players aged 13-18 from state schools, ethnic minorities and parental income below the national average reach their full potential and achieve success in hockey.

  • Changed The Perception Of Hockey- be a leading influence in making sure hockey is perceived as a diverse sport and one where junior performance players from all backgrounds are welcome.

  • Strengthened The One Hockey Family- be a leading influence in showing the hockey family the power of working together and putting self-interest aside.

  • Made Hockey A Leader In Junior Athlete Well-Being- We want hockey to become the leading sport for junior athlete well-being in England- encouraging balance, positive mental well-being and success on/off the pitch.

  • Increased The Talent Pool In England/GB Teams-  make sure the talent pool is as big as possible. As well as providing solutions to support this, Hockey Mentors want to work closely with England/GB Hockey to put a sustainable strategy in place.

We Are a Solution Focused Organisation.
For the next 7 years (until 2028) we commit to…

  • Providing an exceptional life changing experience through our annual Hockey Mentors Academy to 100+ junior performance players aged 13-18 with barriers to success, so they can fulfil their potential in all aspects of life.

  • Leveraging our experience to support England Hockey and other key stakeholders in widening the talent pool.