Our Mission & Values


The Problem

Lack of equal opportunities in hockey for junior performance hockey players aged 11-18

The Mission Statement

Hockey Mentors help junior performance hockey players with barriers to success fulfil their potential

The Solution
Hockey Mentors CIC (first step is the Hockey Mentors Academy).

Key Values

We believe every junior performance player in England should have a fair chance to fulfil their potential. It is never going to be completely equal but could be a lot better than it is.

We believe players should be put at the heart of all decisions made and there should be a focus on the whole person not just the hockey player.

We believe there needs to be a fundamental honesty about the problems in hockey. We always strive to be honest in everything we do and share.

We believe in collaboration. We want people in the hockey family to put aside self-interest and work together for the growth of the game.

We believe in courage. We want people to embrace bold and innovative solutions that grow the game we love.