Apply to the Academy

We have developed a criteria for the 100 junior players in our non-profit academy each year. The following hockey players are invited to apply…

  • Current Year 8-12 (Y9-Y13 when academy starts)

  • A performance player (see below for definition)

  • Have key barriers to success (see below)

  • Align with our key personal qualities (see below)

  • Would love to be part of the academy

  • Would be committed to the sessions

We define a junior performance hockey player in England as anyone playing county level or above or playing a 1s/2s club standard (regional prem or above) who wants to play National League hockey in the future. You can also apply if you have barriers to success that lie outside the scope of our key barriers.Our key focus is helping talent with barriers to success and we recognise these barriers are not simple.

Key Barriers To Success


Hockey is an expensive sport played mainly by those whose parents earn more than the average national income. If your family earns below the national average income then you would be eligible to apply.


Hockey is a game where nearly all National Titles are won by private schools and most top-level players go to private schools. If you go to a state school then you would be eligible to apply.


The ethnicity of junior hockey players is not representative of the English population. If you are of an ethnicity that is under-represented in hockey then you would be eligible to apply.

Our Key Personal Qualities

We want applications from junior performance players who would put 100% in if given the privilege to be part of the academy. We have identified some key personal qualities below…

Hard Worker

We want players in the academy who will work hard (whilst having fun!). We have been extremely careful in structuring the programme to make sure there is adequate time for other commitments but expect a real willingness to learn and get stuck in.

Growth Mindset

We want players who are prepared to go for things and get outside of their comfort zone. We want flow and connection. Our aim is to facilitate you in being able to fully express yourself in your life and hockey, so you can fulfill your potential.

Difference Maker

We want players who are prepared to make a difference. We will do everything we can to boost your skill-set, confidence and network to help you make this difference, so you can be the best version of yourself possible. But we will need some intent from you too.


Applications opened on 12th Apr 2021, with places given on a first come first served basis. They are now closed but please email if you want to be added to the waitlist.

  • Online Induction Sessions (July/Aug 2021)
  • In-Person Days (July 30th/31st 2021)
  • Main Academy Online Sessions (Sep 2021-Nov 2021 and Jan 2022-Mar 2022)
  • In-Person Days (Mid-Apr 2022)

For those given the opportunity of one of the 32 1-1 mentoring slots, there is a 5 weeks 1-1 mentoring sometime between Sep 2021-Apr 2022. Please note you are allowed to miss a couple of dates if needed- good attendance expected but not 100%.

We give away free spaces to the most financially disadvantaged. For everyone else it costs £97 for the main programme and £197 for the main programme+1-1 mentoring. This covers costs in line with our operation as a non-profit CIC.

100- first come first served (+a waitlist now we have reached the maximum capacity).

We feel this is the niche our team can best serve. We need many projects from the hockey family to increase the talent pool and grow the game- this is our own small part in this.

We have 100 spaces (first come first served) for those who meet our criteria to apply-if you put in an application and we feel you don’t meet our criteria we will email to let you know. Please read the website carefully and/or email us ( if you have any questions. The same criteria applies for the waitlist.

Email include name/school year/highest level played/club

Get Added to the waitlist