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What We Offer

  • Expert Coaching

  • Detailed Individual Feedback

  • Q&As With International Players

  • High Quality Technical Sessions

Who We Coach

  • Aged 13-18 (age group for 1-1 intensives)

  • A performance player who wants to get better

  • Passionate About Hockey

  • Love balancing fun with hard work

1-1 Intensives

Our 1-1 Intensives are unique. They offer a fantastic package for the talented and passionate junior hockey player who is serious about progressing their game, whilst having a huge amount of fun. It is an immersive and inspiring experience. They contain detailed 1-1 technical coaching, bespoke individual feedback, a psychology mindset session and a 1-1 Q&As with a GB player.

Real Progress
Our players will come out of the intensive with huge improvements. This will be a holistic all-round improvement that includes key technical gains, key tactical gains, key mindset gains and a deep inspiration from contact with a GB player that will hopefully last many years. We have your back and want the best for you!

At the heart of the intensive experience is fun. We put an emphasis on this throughout all elements of the programme to make the gains made much more long-lasting. We believe the whole point of playing hockey is to have fun. Whilst we are very serious about helping you improve your game, we do it with a lightness and sense of humour that helps you shine. You will look back on the intensive as a time of great enjoyment!

Deeply Individualised
The intensives allow the focus to fully be on the individual player. Often this is lacking in many coaching contexts but in the intensive we assure a bespoke individualised programme that is holistic in it’s approach. The intensive includes detailed 1-1 technical sessions focused on specific areas of your game, bespoke individual feedback throughout and after the programme, an individual psychology session and your individual questions getting answered by a GB player. It is all about the individual player.

The 1-1 Intensive contains the following

  • 5 x 1-1 Technical Sessions with Jack (1 hour each)

  • 1 x 1-1 psychology online mindset session with Lucy Holder (45 minutes)

  • 1 x 1-1 online Q&As with a current GB Player (Fiona Crackles, Jack Waller, Esme Burge, Ollie Payne) (30 mins)

  • Detailed individual feedback throughout and after the intensive

    Please note sessions are offered between 1st May-31st July by mutual agreement, with more details on the booking form.

“Jack’s coaching sessions have been hugely influential in improving my game through his eye for technical detail, personalised feedback and enthusiastic teaching. Sessions are high-intensity and tailored to specific areas of your game from isolated 3D skills and footwork drills to scenario-based tactics and goal scoring.”

Sophie, Former England U18 Player and Current Nottingham Uni 1st XL player
Jack delivered a series of excellent 1-2-1 sessions which drilled down on a couple of key areas of play. Jack’s supportive language and ability to explain concepts or moves to match the players understanding is unrivalled. We were blown away with the level of technical input across all the sessions and saw a marked improvement in our son’s hockey and mindset. I would highly recommend Jack’s sessions as a the perfect development platform”
Simon, Dad of Sam - Futures Cup

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High Performance Intensives

1-1 Intensive
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