Spencer Lynx

Hockey Mentors would like to acknowledge the incredible work Spencer Lynx are doing to help widen the talent pool at Spencer Hockey Club and hockey in general. We feel they have created an innovative concept. We particularly love how they are providing opportunities to junior players with barriers to success, allowing them a distinct route into the club that isn’t too quick and values their growth as people above all else. We feel they are creating a template for other clubs. Currently hockey mentors is focused on solutions for junior performance players aged 13-18 but we would eventually like to create a complimentary talent pathway to the England Hockey system that supports our mission to widen the talent pool. We would envisage clubs all around the country doing something similar to what Spencer Lynx are doing.

England Hockey

Hockey Mentors would like to acknowledge the work England Hockey are doing to make hockey a more inclusive sport, as well as the support and publicity they have provided for this project. Although there is no official relationship/endorsement in place, their feedback and expertise has helped us maximise the impact of the project.

Hockey All In

Hockey Mentors would like to acknowledge the work Hockey All In are doing to make hockey a more inclusive, diverse and equal sport. We particularly admire how they are working on inclusivity, diversity and equality at all levels of the sport and would encourage you to sign up on their website to show your support. Here at Hockey Mentors our focus is on widening the talent pool and we believe we can particularly help Hockey All In with one of their outcomes of ‘the establishment and provision of development pathways for identified talent from this increased level of participation.