Lets Make Hockey Great

Our vision is for every junior performance player in English Hockey to have a fair chance to fulfil their potential

We help junior performance players with barriers to success fulfil their potential (focusing on junior performance players who are at non-playing state schools, ethnic minorities or have parental income below the national average)

Our Solution is the Non-Profit Hockey Mentors Programme, which as a first step has seen the creation of the Hockey Mentors Academy.

This is a 8 month journey that helps junior performance players aged 13-18 with barriers to success fulfill their potential in hockey and all aspects of life.

All 100 spaces were filled out for our Hockey Mentors Academy within 7 weeks of launching. Please email hockeymentorsproject@gmail.com to be added to the waitlist.

What we care about

  • Bigger talent pool in hockey

  • Player-centred decisions

  • Fair chance for all to fulfil their potential

  • Growing the game

The Hockey Mentors Academy

  • Online Sessions

  • 1-1 Mentoring

  • Support Network

  • In-Person Days

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Hockey Mentors Academy